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Many companies are heading in the present era to automate their manual systems and replace them with digital ones, because of the advantages and facilities that these systems provide in the management of work. Work is their job and monitors employees, measures their productivity and submits reports. It also shares data and information among employees easily. Digital systems have become one of the most important measures by which companies’ success is measured. Therefore, it is necessary to catch up and keep pace with these developments by transforming companies that still use administrative systems. Manual, and replaced by digital computer systems.

Why administrative systems?
1- Consistency between different parties

This is the result of centralized control in making decisions.


The central administrative system was also distinguished by great coordination, reducing duplication of work, and ensuring rapid communication.

3-Providing services

3- Providing services It is the only way to provide public services, provide public utilities, and distribute financial burdens on citizens.

4-Reducing censorship

Because of the few entities that need oversight and supervision in this system.

5-Reducing the offenses

That control and supervision concern him directly and strictly.

6-Ease of evaluation

This is because uniform policies are used across all parts of the organisation.

7-Centralization of procedures and systems

Making work easier in various different departments and providing consistency in work.

8-Reducing expenses

The administrative system works to reduce the randomness of financial decisions, and to reduce expenses as much as possible.

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