Learn about ERP systems
ERP systems are very flexible systems that fit the nature of the work of any company, as they link a group of systems in a unified and integrated manner, and their use makes the organization or company dispense with the use of several systems from several companies, as it links a number of systems into one integrated system and one database, These systems are considered the new trend for companies of all kinds (small - medium - large), due to the flexibility and organization of these data systems.

Reasons behind pioneering ERP systems
The amazing success of ERP systems is due to the fact that it combines several systems into one integrated system, which works as one unit in harmony and harmony, and the ability to manage the users’ powers in it well ensures the success of working in it as a single unit, and one of the reasons for the success of these systems is that they are linked to a single database, which increases The speed and efficiency of work, as the reference is a single database, and therefore it is noticed in recent times that companies have increased demand for these systems, and there are also old companies that have renewed and developed their systems on the ERP system by facilitating and arranging operations in them, increasing the speed and efficiency of work and increasing the productivity of employees, and the beautiful in These systems are very flexible and suit all companies of all sizes, and they are suitable for any institutional work, whether commercial, charitable or otherwise..

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